About us


Here at Wood Milk, we use only the highest-quality hard woods. Our Wood Milk is quintuple-filtered to create the purest, best-tasting Wood Milk around!


Wood Milk is made from the finest trees grown the old-fashioned way: out of the ground. We think our artisanal blend of trunks, roots and branches will be the only milk you’ll want to drink for the rest of your life.

100% pure
wood milk taste

Sure, Wood Milk is great for you. But did you know it also tastes like real wood? A world-renowned milk sommelier said of its taste: “With delightful hints of hickory, Wood Milk is even more delicious than it looks.”


We only provide the freshest Wood Milk to our customers. Our patented “Wood Milking” process works round the clock to ensure only the freshest Wood Milk is available for you to enjoy!

Have you ever looked at a tree
and thought—could I drink this?
I did, and that’s why I created Wood Milk.

Aubrey Plaza

CO-Founder, Wood Milk

10,000 new (REAL) trees

This is not a joke. The world will have 10,000 new trees thanks to Wood Milk.